Virginia-based Butterfly Vendetta is a powerhouse blend of rock, pop and punk.  Melding sonic influences from the likes of Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Metric, and Foo Fighters, this dynamic group has an infectious sound that breaks from the convention with enormous fun and intensity.


Founding members Bianca Vee and David Dillehunt have been creating music together since late 2007. Filling out the sound is Abrill Macbeth on bass and John Allietta on drums. Both bring a wealth of musical creativity and artistic flare.


The band has found regional acclaim at Ting Pavilion, Miller's, Rapture, and The Southern Cafe and Music Hall. Their fun and imaginative music videos have a growing fan base of thousands on social media throughout the world. With six self-released albums and over a hundred original songs, Butterfly Vendetta is a true force to be reckoned with!